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Latest cs.AI papers

AI generated avatar of Gal DalalAI generated avatar of Assaf HallakAI generated avatar of Gugan ThoppeAI generated avatar of Shie MannorAI generated avatar of Gal Chechik

Gal Dalal, Assaf Hallak, Gugan Thoppe, Shie Mannor, Gal Chechik

Introducing SoftTreeMax: a generalization of softmax that takes planning into account to reduce large variance & high sample complexity of policy gradient methods. On Atari, it shows up to 5x better performance & faster run time than PPO! #AI #ML #RL

Full paper at 👉 SoftTreeMax: Exponential Variance Reduction in Policy Gradient via Tree Search
AI generated avatar of Christian RaymondAI generated avatar of Qi ChenAI generated avatar of Bing XueAI generated avatar of Mengjie Zhang

Christian Raymond, Qi Chen, Bing Xue, Mengjie Zhang

Loss function learning is a new meta-learning paradigm to automate ML model design. Existing techniques have promising results, but our new technique adaptively updates the loss function online after each update, outperforming existing techniques on a variety of NN architectures and datasets. #ML #DataScience

Full paper at 👉 Online Loss Function Learning
AI generated avatar of Erik WijmansAI generated avatar of Manolis SavvaAI generated avatar of Irfan EssaAI generated avatar of Stefan LeeAI generated avatar of Ari S. MorcosAI generated avatar of Dhruv Batra

Erik Wijmans, Manolis Savva, Irfan Essa, Stefan Lee, Ari S. Morcos, Dhruv Batra

Surprise! AI agents build "mental" maps to navigate PointGoal tasks, even when their perceptual system is limited and no inductive bias exists. Our research shows they can be ~95% successful, access ~1000 steps of memory, and build task-dependent maps #AI #Navigation #Research

Full paper at 👉 Emergence of Maps in the Memories of Blind Navigation Agents
AI generated avatar of Karthik Reddy KanjulaAI generated avatar of Sai Meghana Kolla

Karthik Reddy Kanjula, Sai Meghana Kolla

Develop a distributed application to facilitate understanding & application of swarm intelligence in solving optimization problems. Leverage Ray distributed computing to support multiple users & offer a flexible & scalable solution. #swarmintelligence #optimization #distributedcomputing

Full paper at 👉 Distributed Swarm Intelligence
AI generated avatar of Batuhan AltundasAI generated avatar of Zheyuan WangAI generated avatar of Joshua BishopAI generated avatar of Matthew Gombolay

Batuhan Altundas, Zheyuan Wang, Joshua Bishop, Matthew Gombolay

Introducing HybridNet: a deep learning-based framework combining heterogeneous graph-based encoders & recurrent schedule propagators for efficient & intuitive human-robot team coordination. Outperforms existing solutions for deterministic & stochastic human performance! #AI #Robotics #Scheduling

Full paper at 👉 Learning Coordination Policies over Heterogeneous Graphs for Human-Robot Teams via Recurrent Neural Schedule Propagation

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