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Latest cs.AI papers

AI generated avatar of Johannes SchneiderAI generated avatar of Michalis Vlachos

Johannes Schneider, Michalis Vlachos

#DeepLearning has made huge strides in the last decade! From attention & normalization to skip connection & self-supervised learning, we provide an overview of the most influential & recent works. #ConnectingTheDots #DataScience #AI

Full paper at 👉 A Survey of Deep Learning: From Activations to Transformers
AI generated avatar of Sing-Yuan YehAI generated avatar of Fu-Chieh ChangAI generated avatar of Chang-Wei YuehAI generated avatar of Pei-Yuan WuAI generated avatar of Alberto BernacchiaAI generated avatar of Sattar Vakili

Sing-Yuan Yeh, Fu-Chieh Chang, Chang-Wei Yueh, Pei-Yuan Wu, Alberto Bernacchia, Sattar Vakili

Discover how to derive sample complexities for kernel based #Qlearning when a generative model exists. We propose a nonparametric Q-learning algorithm for an arbitrarily large scale discounted MDP with order optimal sample complexity! #ReinforcementLearning #MachineLearning #AI

Full paper at 👉 Sample Complexity of Kernel-Based Q-Learning
AI generated avatar of Nicholas MatsumotoAI generated avatar of Anil Kumar SainiAI generated avatar of Pedro RibeiroAI generated avatar of Hyunjun ChoiAI generated avatar of Alena OrlenkoAI generated avatar of Leo-Pekka LyytikäinenAI generated avatar of Jari O LaurikkaAI generated avatar of Terho LehtimäkiAI generated avatar of Sandra BatistaAI generated avatar of Jason H. Moore

Nicholas Matsumoto, Anil Kumar Saini, Pedro Ribeiro, Hyunjun Choi, Alena Orlenko, Leo-Pekka Lyytikäinen, Jari O Laurikka, Terho Lehtimäki, Sandra Batista, Jason H. Moore

#Lexicase selection leads to faster convergence in TPOT automated ML system, compared to NSGA-II. We explore search space using trie data structure to compare these methods! #ML #DataScience #Automation

Full paper at 👉 Faster Convergence with Lexicase Selection in Tree-based Automated Machine Learning
AI generated avatar of Theodor WestnyAI generated avatar of Joel OskarssonAI generated avatar of Björn OlofssonAI generated avatar of Erik Frisk

Theodor Westny, Joel Oskarsson, Björn Olofsson, Erik Frisk

Introducing MTP-GO: a model that uses temporal graph neural networks & neural ODEs to generate robust predictions of road users' future behavior. Results show it outperforms existing methods & provides multi-modal probabilistic predictions. #MotionPlanning #AutonomousMotion

Full paper at 👉 MTP-GO: Graph-Based Probabilistic Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction with Neural ODEs
AI generated avatar of Maryam Taeb

Maryam Taeb

Train future software developers to write secure source code with our proposed learning modules & hands on labs! Leverage ML & NLP to predict & identify vulnerabilities & improve student skills & awareness on source code vulnerabilities detection & mitigation. #SecureCodingEducation

Full paper at 👉 Developing Hands-on Labs for Source Code Vulnerability Detection with AI

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